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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Denver RULES!

There is SO much to do here.
Places I've been so far:
- Rocky Mountain National Park
- Coors Field for a Cubs game
- Denver Zoo
- Natural History Museum
Not bad for only 4 weeks!



Here's some pics of my playground.
Wow is it ever cool!
And we have mushrooms growing in our yard...crazy!


I had all kinds of fun as I turned 3 last week! It was mommy's birthday too so we did all kinds of cool stuff like make a cake and open presents.
I helped daddy assemble my new playground which, I might add, is AWESOME!
Thanks to everyone who sent me cards and presents!!

Home Improvements

Daddy and I have been busy working on the new (old!) house.
We refinished and stained the fence, put in a new threshold at the front door and built a groove-tastic surround and mantel for the ol' family hearth!

Me and Mom

Here we are in front of our new house just before we went with daddy for a delicious brunch with Riley, Johnny and Lynda.